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ending of the film February 20, 2007

Posted by jenniferlewk in bad girls go....

The dream sequence at the end of the film is fascinating to me. Are we supposed to view the ending as a way for the protagonist to be held morally unaccountable for her actions, thus leaving her as a powerless female who has no agency in her destiny, or view the dream sequence as representational of the female struggle at large? By having the film end in a dream, it seems as though a women’s struggle has been reduced to the fantasy world–everything that the protagonist has struggled though fades into the subconscious. However, I feel as though her nightmare represents a social construct in which all women are forced to remain. The subconscious in this theory would mean that women’s struggle has been pushed out of the reality/mainstream because it is a threat to the male-dominated reality. The  deja vu following the dream would mean that women struggle to have their own agency in various manners, yet they wake up from their struggle and must repeat their steps continually in order to progress.  Nonetheless, I think that the deja vu is more for the audience than for the film itself, because it is so forcefully exaggerated. This immense exaggeration occurs so that the audience can notice the ridiculous repetition that women participate in hopes to achieve greater agency.


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