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March 4, 2007

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I was recently thinking about Beyonce’s song “Upgrade You” when I came across one of Ciara’s new songs, “Like a Boy”. While each is supposed to carry a different message, I found both songs to simply be “upgrading” men. Both women act like “boys” as each dresses in “boyish” clothing, Beyonce when imitating Jay-Z and Ciara for the majority of her movie, yet unlike Beyonce’s lyrics which portray her as a trophy girlfriend who is happy with her role, the chorous of Ciara’s lyrics in which she says “Sometime’s I wish I could act like a boy” raises the question of why can’t she?? Some verses from the song are:
Wish we could switch up the roles/And I could be that.
Tell you I love you/But when you call I never get back
Would you ask them questions like me?
Like where you be at?/ Cause I’m out 4 in the morning
On the corna roll’n/ Do’n my own thing
What if I?…/Had a thing on the side?/Made ya cry?
Would the rules change up?…
Or would they still apply?…/If I played you like a toy?…
Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy
My main problem with the song is that it portrays a woman stating everything she she should be able and allowed to do, yet still limits herself from because of her sex. If Ciara took all the time to sing about what she SHOULD be able to do, I’;d like to see a second part of the video called “Actually Being Like a Boy Because it’s My Right”. I suppose some might say that this is a statement of “girl power” because Ciara is “so bold” to be putting everything out on the table and taking a stand….but all I see is another woman who is well aware that she is being treated unfairly, and doing nothing to rectify her situation. Here’s the video:



1. teana - March 6, 2007

This song shows how their is a different type of behavior that is associated with males and females. I think that the diction is also very important to remember. She doesn’t say that she wishes that she could act like a “man” but like a “boy.” In the opening of this video, Ciara is dressed like a thug and I think that this portrayal shows who she is targetting. This song addresses the typical gangsters who are labeled as “boys.” Maybe this choice of word also reflects how these males refer to each other.

I think that the split images of her dancing in a dress and heels contrasts greatly with the image of her in a suit. Her body is an object while she is in the dress. There is a lot of emphasis on her legs and the dress is constantly flowing in the wind and her facial expression looks like she is trying to seduce and please the audience. When she interacts with her male self, she seems to tag along with the guy, making him the center of your focus. The male looks more appealing and I think that sometimes women subconsciously place themselves under men. I’m not sure if this was her intention but the male appears to be independent while the woman is in his shadow. When watching that part I am likely to focus on the male Ciara. When she is in the suit, I think that she is more concerned about looking smooth, which is a different type of performing than the sexualized female.

I also think that the ending is crucial. The song is pretty angry towards men but Ciara smiles and kisses her boyfriend at the end of the video, indicating that even though he continuously “plays” her, she will remain by his side. I think that this type of loyalty shows why some men do not feel the urge to change. Either way, some women are going to accept their wreckless behavior. The song seems like it was just a joke.

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