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March 27, 2007

Posted by kblack10 in La Femme Nikita, Uncategorized.

femme-nikita-season-2-pochette-arriere1.jpgWhen watching La Femme Nikita, I found myself becoming annoyed from the beginning that such a strong impact was being placed on Nikita’s transformation into a more sexualized, desirable “object” as she was basically controlled and owned during the time that she lived in the factory. The scene in which she is sitting at the older woman’s dressing table staring into the mirror reminded me of Lacan’s idea of the mirror stage where a person comes to realize their “self” with their first encounter with a mirror. The first time in which Nikita stares into the mirror, she seems to not necessarily have any qualms about the “self” staring back at her, and though she accepts the wig from the older woman she is later seen snatching it off of her head. At this point in time, it appears as if Nikita is content with who she is, yet when the film jumps to a scene three years later on Nikita’s birthday, much seems to have changed. As she painstakingly attends to her eyelashes to perfect them, this conveys the idea that Nikita is no longer happy with her “original self” that stared back at her from the mirror several years before.
Also, I was looking at the new version of La Femme Nikita that came out as a TV series, and it is very clear that while the woman is supposed to have the same tough, “I can kill you” mental attitude, her physical appearance is much more pronounced than the older version of Nikita. The picture is of the newer version of Nikita. https://girlpower2.wordpress.com/wp-admin/upload.php?style=inline&tab=browse&post_id=69&action=view&ID=68


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