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believable? April 4, 2007

Posted by rachaelg in betrayal, bound, Female Power, female relationships.

Did anyone else think that Violet was going to use Corky?  Even before Corky spelled out the possibility for her, I was convinced she was going to set her up.  Violet was too smooth.  Everything about her from her hair to her voice seemed calculated.  She even got Corky to come over indirectly by calling the guy who hired her. 

Though Corky comes up with the master plan to steal the money, Violet knows how to play it cool, too.  She’s a brilliant actress when she comes home with the new bottle of gin(scotch?) and after she gets caught, she coolly talks Cesar out of his predicament with Mickey by phoning from the bathroom.  How did she learn to handle pressure so well?  Do you just pick that kind of stuff up from being a mob member’s girlfriend?  I would think you’d learn how to look pretty, smile, and play dumb… (and then eventually “kneel down enough and you will believe”…no?)  But Violet is obviously smart and in control.  At one point, Cesar even comments on it, something like: “What did you do to her?  This isn’t my Violet!”  implying that Corky’s influence is responsible for making her so assertive and savvy, which is just untrue.  She’s self-possessed and looking sideways at Corky when we first see her in the elevator at the beginning of the movie.

I didn’t expect Corky to betray Violet, but I didn’t expect for her to fall in love, either.  When the plan went bad and Corky was looking at the money saying to herself “2 million dollars, Corky,” it would’ve seemed plausible to me if she had run away with the money, although it would’ve killed the plot. 

Nevertheless, I was somewhat pleased/somewhat skeptical that they were faithful to each other in the end.  I felt like the movie was trying to say something about friendship, love, and loyalty, especially about female relationships.  I liked the message, but my doubts about the characters took away from the overall “truth” of the movie for me. 



1. lindamc - April 9, 2007

I actually got the exact opposite vibe! I thought that Corky was going to run and leave violet. She had more than enough opportuites to, but both women stayed true and honest. I agree with the analysis of violet, in control etc, but that made me suspect that she was going to get blindsided: a much more interesting plot twist. Just like Ceaser getting surprise by violet, even though he seems in charge for much of the movie, it would have been interesting for violet to get screwed too. I did like the way they chose to end it though. I agree that it had a huge message for lesbian love power. Especially ending with the song: “She’s a lady” which clearly describes neither of those women, but allows the power they show at the end to be plausible.

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