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seperate and equal? April 17, 2007

Posted by Melissa in American Airlines, gender, in the news, marketing gender.

I just read an article in the NY Times this morning about American Airlines and their effort to attract female travelers (as though they don’t travel enough). According to the piece, the airline launched a new website highlighting the perks female travelers have by flying with American. I went to the site and was completely blow away by the what the airline feels women may want. They have a section for networking, female safety (a new perk includes screens for women in first class who do not feel comfortable being in an open space), and a list of book recommendations. Though I don’t usually travel with American or visit their site, if I were a regular traveler with the company this ploy would completely turn me away. Though I know it is important that a company be able to attract the attention of every marketable audience I think this website is pushing the boundaries as far as their marketing is concerned. The article states it best: do female travelers really travel differently than males? Though the site has now been modified, the original was lavender and included a separate reservation search…a little much? What’s next, a site for Latino, Asian, and Black travelers? How much is too much, and has American crossed the line?

A comparison between the original female reservation search (now taken down...I wonder why?) and the usual front page search



1. sindhub - April 17, 2007

this reminds me of a news snippet i read a while ago about some company that tried to target asian-americans specifically, and thought it could only do that through the use of martial arts figures in its advertising…

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