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Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter April 20, 2007

Posted by kelly in careerwomen, female bounty hunters.

There’s a new show on WE Women’s Entertainment Channel called “Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter.”

The description says, “She’s not your typical mom! Sandra Scott takes multi-tasking to a whole new level – juggling raising her two daughters and being a loving wife with tracking down wanted criminals for a living.”

A commercial for the new show features the main character and men who appear to be a sort of S.W.A.T. team. They are approaching a house and getting ready to break down the door when a cell phone rings. Of course, it is one of the “bounty hunter’s” children, and she loudly asks the child about his/her day at school etc., basically ruining the whole operation and playing the role of typical loud and stupid woman. You can watch some of the ads through the link above.

This was only a commercial though, and the first show will air tomorrow night and I suppose then we’ll see how this concept works itself out!



1. lindamc - April 21, 2007

This kind of leads into a whole new realm of “the loud mouth white hick mom.” I have randomly seen information on Anna Nicole Smith’s mother and the custody trials, and I think that she as well falls into this “stupid woman category.” There was a whole article in a recent US weekly that described how mean she was to Anna, and in Anna’s opinion, how “jealous” she was of her and so would bad mouth Anna to anyone around her. You didn’t even mention it, but I automatically assumed this show, and this woman was a “hick”, before I even glanced at the clup, and I think this cateogry of women is a particlarily interesting one. I think it is interesting and sad to see this women who barely made it out of highschool (if they did) before getting pregnant, and so never really grew up or had a life of their own. I realize that I am sincerely generalizing, and don’t mean to be horribly offensive (obviously some younger moms are not stupid, and some women who traditionally fall into the “hick” category are not alwyas young mothers), but if we can take these two test cases as examples, I think it is a fascinating part of American culture: the young mom relationship that leads into an interesting form of parenting.

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