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April 22, 2007

Posted by jenniferlewk in gender, in the news, marketing gender, new york times, sex sells.

Our class has spent a lot of time discussing the objectification of women–sexuality often equals profit. However, this article in the NY-Times reminded me that the marketing strategy of “sex sells” is not just used for females. Hailed “the Indiana Jones” of the History Channel, Josh Bernstein is cute. smart. single. Jewish. Interested?

I was, so I continued reading. While the article does discuss his show, Digging for Truth, and his switch to the Discovery Channel, the focus seems to be on Josh Bernstein, the hunk. Indeed, the article opens and closes with the female appreciation of his good looks, charm, and intelligence, and ends with the qualities he desires in a wife. (He’s on the lookout for a tall, Jewish blond interested in the environment.) What made me chuckle about this article was that I was very surprised to read an article so heavily aimed at my glands. I actually got a kick out of it. So often, this “sex” approach is used to hook a male audience. I was just surprised to see the style used so blatantly with the female population, in a news magazine. I expect it from Cosmo, not from the New York Times. Why? Although, I can’t say I minded. Josh Bernstein is quite the catch–I might even watch one of his episodes.


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