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Minisode April 30, 2007

Posted by jenniferlewk in new york times, Random Bits.

In an attempt to capitalize from old television shows, the NY Times revealed that Sony Television has been working to create the Minisode, a six minute or less episode that has a tightly done beginning, middle and end. One of the examples was the old tv show, Charlie’s Angels. Steve Mosko, the president of Sony Television, described what a Minisode of Charlie’s Angels would look like:

 “So in ‘Charlie Angels,’ they have a meeting, Charlie’s on the intercom telling them what the assignment is, there’s a couple of fights, and then a chase, and they catch the bad guy. Then they’re back home wrapping it up.”

Although it would be great to catch a Minosode of the show, it seems as though this quickly driven plot would leave no time for character development, thus marketing a show that has sexy fighting, fantastic hair flipping, and a happy ending. While many can’t see much more than that from the original television show, the show was ahead of its time and did show that women could fight, be desirable, and have a personality. As the article notes, Sony is marketing towards Internet spaces such as MySpace and Youtube, which are demographically geared toward a young generation. Will the Minisodes of older television shows actually appeal to this generation? Will the lack of true character development lend itself to this audience?



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