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Hermione’s a Woman Now! May 5, 2007

Posted by Rob Anne in "the gaze", Breast Size, Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione Granger, Hypsersexualing, IMAX, Teenager.


So, the folks at Postwire discovered that there is a remarkable difference in Hermione’s (Emma Watson’s) breast size between the IMAX Order of the Phoenix poster and the regular poster.

Mmmm, I love hypersexualizing young teenagers.

Anyone else appalled?



1. rachaelg - May 6, 2007

It also looks like they cut away part of her stomach to make more of a curve… or maybe just to emphasize the chest. Either way, it’s so unnecessary and disturbing. Yes, Emma Watson has “grown-up” on screen throughout the HP movies, but that’s not a reason to make her grow more than she has naturally. And I’ve heard men everywhere drool over her, but that’s even without digital enhancement. Her sex appeal seems to be working without their help, though I don’t think it’s so awesome that single men in their 40s go to see HP just for Hermione, but that seems to be a whole different issue…

2. lindamc - May 6, 2007

ok, so this is totally a confession, but I read on J.K.Rowling’s website… yes…i did… that Rowling has big issues with the way female bodies are presented in today’s media ( go to jkrowling.com, and then click on the “extra stuff” section subtitled “miscelanious) sorry, but it’s impossible to link too. Anyway, the fact that Rowling is taking a stand on her own website is interesting. She even quotes Pink’s song “Stupid girls” as a good anthem for the movement she hopes to create. Making Emma Watson’s hips smaller and her breats larger, probably doesn’t fall under the category of something Rowling would endorse.

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