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Is This Girl Power? *watch this! you won’t regret it… May 11, 2007

Posted by kelly in "the gaze", Advertisements, Attractiveness and age.

My friend showed me this website yesterday that claims to show you the side effects of Reversa‘s facial products, which are directed at older women trying to get rid of wrinkles, age spots, etc.

Each “side effect” is basically a man doing something, whether that man is a chef, a firefighter, plumber, or gardener. I would recommend watching the “Bread Making” side effect of the first product (a spot remover). I suppose the general message of the ad is that these products will make you look so great and young that men will flock to you and do anything and everything for you. On the other hand, it could be an attempt to convince women that they are currently not beautiful enough to attract these men and use to need Reversa in order to attain such “side effects.”

While the ad seems to attempt to empower women by putting them in the position of “the gaze,” at the same time, the company seems to be watching us watching the men and exploiting this for capital gains.

I still don’t know what to make of this website. I definitely laughed my way through it, but then thought twice about its implications. What do you guys think??


1. rachaelg - May 11, 2007

It’s just so over the top! The oyster eating – clearly oral sex. The grass blower – how much closer can you get to a phallus? It’s so overt that I think it must be aiming more at humor than subtle seduction.

2. lindamc - May 13, 2007

This kind of marketing is a perfect example of the growing product lines for older women (35s and up…I realize that this isn’t all cases old, but especially in Hollywood it used to mean dried up). With Demi Moore and other women stars dating much younger men, “The Graduate” craze is in full swing. Sex and the City, Desperate House Wives, even Grey’s Anatomy with stars like Addison are proving that women can be sexy and hot into their much later years. Jane Fonda is making a comeback, as well as other aging women. Female actresses are sticking around a lot longer which hints at, possibly, a rise in their power in Hollywood. They are getting paid closer to male salaries. Is this trend here to stay, or is it simply a attached to the “thin” craze that is currently in effect. Either way, it’s interesting to watch stuff like this and wonder whether it is part of the women gain power from sisterhood thing ( the voice over being a women, we can all have this power, etc) or if it is rise of the female individual in Hollywood and in later stages of life. Thoughts?

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