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Male Gaze and the Female Robot May 15, 2007

Posted by Rob Anne in Uncategorized.

Creepy as all hell:

Website for Svedka Vodka featuring a sexy gynoid as its spoke model.

She keeps winking at me! *shivers*






1. lindamc - May 15, 2007

This reminds me a lot about what I write my separate blog: the creation of female cartoons, because someone clearly created her in what they pictured as the female image. It’s interesting especially because it defines (whether on purpose or not) what the “perfect” or “stereotypical” woman should and does look like. For example, her boob size, her hip size, etc. This of course is often done with female and male manikins in store windows and in other sales media imaging, and has been done for a while. The important thing, i think, to take away is what the body style says to the viewer: for example the sweeping lines especially in photo 3 or her calves and ankles implies an innate sexuality in those areas: the places where texture and color are changed specifically helps this. I know it has a lot to do with the product being sold: alcohol, for men mainly, but i think the sex appeal in the form of a robot is just a reproduction of what normally sells alcohol: looking at the sexuality of women by men, and women looking at men looking at women and wanting to be those sales people. Do we (women) want to be this robot? Does this robot succeed in being wanted?

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