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More Revenge Music Videos. May 16, 2007

Posted by ajaramillo in Aventura, betrayal, Blu Cantrell, controversy, domestic violence, Ethics, Female Power, morality, music video, Power, video.

I wanted to continue Melissa’s point about the popularity of the “revenge narrative” in music videos, yet a complete avoidance of domestic violence issues. It made me think of Blu Cantrell’s video “Hit ‘Em Up Style.” It is exactly how Melissa explained it: Blu’s man cheated, so therefore it’s OK to get back at him by destroying his property. Not only does she damage all of his possessions and spend his money, she encourages other women to do it too! It becomes a catchy girl power anthem.

Unfortunately, I also couldn’t find any other videos with women addressing the issue of domestic violence first-hand. However, it seems that we hear about women’s struggle from an unlikely source–men. In my experience, men are much more comfortable addressing the problem than women. One video that portrays a domestic violence situation is Aventura’s Hermanita (Sister). The premise of the video is that the woman’s husband is physically abusing her, but she continues to suffer because she cannot find the courage to leave him. Her brother is telling her story and trying to convince her to leave. Eventually we see a funeral scene and assume that his sister has been killed at the hands of her dominating husband. But at the very end appears a young woman at the funeral, and then there is a flashback of his sister pulling a gun from a box. We realize that she was the one who murdered her husband. (The video is beautifully done, and it makes sense even if you do not understand Spanish).

Again, it is exactly what Melissa said; either women tolerate the abuse or kill the abuser. I think that it is not that the entertainment industry does not want to address the issue; it is that we do not seem to hear it from the abused women’s point of view. Either a man is singing about his abused relative, or a woman sings from the point of view of a friend (Eve, Dixie chicks, etc). Maybe we are not ready to hear what an abused woman has to say because society does not tolerate when a battered woman stays with her abuser.


1. lindamc - May 19, 2007

Have you ever seen the movie: “Enough” with Jenifer Lopez? It wasn’t a very famous movie, but it’s about a woman who is physically abused by her husband and so leaves to eventually be chased down by him. She eventually kills him (sorry to ruin the movie) by being able to physically fight him. (She too has a daughter just like the Sister music video above) This story is directly about a woman abused and how she is able to fight her way out of it. She has to train like a boxer and cut her hair short and act masculine in order to beat him. I agree with you that these stories aren’t often told, but I just thought I’d mention this one in case anyone was interested.

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