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Early 90’s Girl Power Anthem? May 18, 2007

Posted by Liz in Miss America, Random Bits.

Absolutely bizarre singing entrance at the 1990 Miss America Pageant… enjoy



1. lindamc - May 19, 2007

Amazing! “I can fly! No one taught me how?” I agree that this is totally hitting on pre-girl power surge and the back of women entering the workplace (like 9 to5). It’s also harping on the idea that Miss America is supposed to be a “scholarship program” and not a beauty competition, or so it seemed to me. (I’m not personally away of this idea, but that’s what they fought about in Miss Congeniality, so I’m hoping it’s a real pagean issue…) They way that each girl told her college really pushed the idea that this pageant is about talented, smart, and lastly beautiful women. I haven’t watched any pageants too recently, but I can’t remember them ever listing their colleges before (or their majors, or grad schools!), especially those that had already graduated! Another total side note: they all look really old, don’t they? I mean the majority of them said they were juniors in college, which is what i am and they looked way older then me/us, didn’t they? wow.

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