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What is Girl Power???? May 19, 2007

Posted by Melissa in Girl Power, Spice Girls.

I recently read a blog in which Geri Halliwell, better known as “Ginger Spice,” said that girl power was coming back with a vengence…what she failed to mention was that “girlpower” (read: the Spice Girls) would only be coming back for the low low price of 5 million pounds! After reading the piece, I got to wondering what “girl power” really was. Is it some internal sense of control and actual power in being a female, or is it a commodity that is sold to the female public so as to distract women and girls from the harsh realities facing women by making them believe they can do anything simply by chanting “girl power.” This was just a question I had, what do you think?


1. sindhu - May 19, 2007

I think that’s what the difference between girl power and feminism ultimately is–feminism is the former, whereas girl power is the latter. Girl power is so much more palatable and easy to take, y’know? It doesn’t ask us to change how things are, so much as change things so that women can participate in them too. I do think there are some positive things going on, like the attention being brought to the pro-choice movement, but I’m not sure how widespread it is. It’s definitely not as fun to talk about how the working world needs to incorporate motherhood into its structure as it is to see a hot young empowered woman take her top off for a trucker hat… ok this is really cynical, but this is what the rift between feminism and girl power seems like to me right now.

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