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Alias Episode 1:2 Scared vs. in Control April 30, 2007

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I found these two episodes of Alias very interesting in terms of the depiction of Sydney. Sometimes when she is at her work she looks scared and lost (much like Nikita) that she is fumbling to figure out what to do. While other times, she seems very much in control and confident: when she tells the men that are pulling her teeth as torture to “biteme.” This cycle occurs again and again, (when she is having a flashback to buying guns in the middle east and the guy that is selling them shoots his comrade when one gun doesn’t work: she looks scared (turning her head and wincing even though I’m sure she’s seen people shot on numerous occasions: she has even probably shot a few herself) and then in control with a tough face spewing Arabic. On another occasion, before she gets caught and her teeth pulled with the red hair, she is being shot at from over the counter (very Femme Nikita) and looks terrified and lost, there is another shot shortly after that where she clutches what she stole to her chest and hides behind a part of the lab tables looking completely terrified, but then stands up to declare: Over here boys, in a voice that reeks of control and arrogance. I found these scenes as direct evidence that the produceers and directors of the show are making sure the (more…)

9 Times It Pays to Be a Bitch April 24, 2007

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Today’s G.I. Jane discussion concerning the empowering “Suck my dick” line made me really think about the significance of the equality of verbalization, attitude, and actions. In the film, Jordan is not empowered by her femininity-she gains respect through her attempts at becoming more masculine so that she can more easily fit the soldier and group-mentality image. This particular part in the film reminded me about the word, “bitch.” First of all, I don’t really understand the transformation of that word being used as an acceptable form of salutation. The whole “beyotch” phenomenon is beyond me. What I really have problems with, however, is the way that strong women, women who say what they want and try to get what they need, are often categorized as being bitchy. On the cover of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, an article entitled, “9 Times You Won’t Burn in Hell for Being Bitchy” caught my eye (sorry, I couldn’t find it online). The introduction to the article reads, (more…)