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Sigourney Weaver isn’t pretty? April 23, 2007

Posted by lindamc in Aliens, Attractiveness and age, beauty myths, bodies, female perfection, People Magazine, Sigourney Weaver, The TV Set.
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In the most recent addition of People Magazine (April 30, 2007) there is a short article about Sigourney Weaver and how she got her start. It’s opening section is on how her mother through that she was “just plain” and not pretty. This appariently shaped Weaver’s life. The article does mention her career in film (with specific reference to Aliens!) but mainly scopes out her life of self-acceptance for her “craggier” face, and her too tall” frame (at 5’11 1/2”). The article has her define beauty as: “‘when a woman is comfortable in her skin – whatever age she is, whatever body type she is'” and this quote is placed in extra large, bold font.  It ends with her discussing her face: “‘My face is my canvas. And I think it’s much more interesting now than it ever was.'” The article has no substance but this, and seems to be just a catchup on her life in terms of outward attractiveness. It seems to be a growing fad too, that older women get to explain how they stay attractive (yoga, gym, smoothies, etc) and they say that they like themselves more now. I think it is really interesting that this article, which could have been about her new film: The TV Set but is instead only about her looks. The film is listed once, at the bottom right hand corner of the last page next to two other films she is known for (Aliens being one of them).

Standards of Beauty/Perceptions of Black Women March 2, 2007

Posted by Melissa in beauty myths, Kiri Davis, race, video.

I found this great video after watching a news report a friend sent me about standards of beauty among young Black girls. Kiri, 18, reconducted an experiment originally executed in 1950’s in which children were asked which doll (the Black or the white) they would like to play with. What she found was that regardless of the “progress” the same standards of “good” and “bad” still permeate. It is particularly painful to watch at minute 4:30 when a girl (more…)