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Why does there always have to be a boyfriend? April 11, 2007

Posted by kelly in bound, female relationships, G.I. Jane, Girlfight, La Femme Nikita, Set it off, Thelma and Louise, Tomb Raider 2.

I’ve noticed a pattern in the past few movies we’ve watched – every powerful woman has to have a love interest. In Working Girl, Thelma and Louise, La Femme Nikita, Tomb Raider 2, Set it Off, Bound, Girlfight, and G.I. Jane, there is a love interest for the main female character(s).

It seems like the boyfriends need to be there in order to assure the audience that these women aren’t as “hard” or unemotional as they seem to be. Underneath their tough exterior, they still fit perfectly into the heterosexual power dynamic where they are delicate and sensitive in the arms of men. (more…)

believable? April 4, 2007

Posted by rachaelg in betrayal, bound, Female Power, female relationships.
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Did anyone else think that Violet was going to use Corky?  Even before Corky spelled out the possibility for her, I was convinced she was going to set her up.  Violet was too smooth.  Everything about her from her hair to her voice seemed calculated.  She even got Corky to come over indirectly by calling the guy who hired her. 

Though Corky comes up with the master plan to steal the money, Violet knows how to play it cool, too.  She’s a brilliant actress when she comes (more…)

a film noir….with an extra lesbian! April 4, 2007

Posted by Wasik in bound, noir.
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I was intrigued by Bound. On one level, the film could be enjoyed simply as a film noir (see this). Violet made an excellent femme fatale with her sultry voice, dark nails and makeup, soft pasty skin, and powerfully seductive nature. I thought many of the shots in the film were very artistic, and added some cinematic beauty to its raw violence. Watching crime films is often hard because graphic brutality are integral to the plot; however, like Ebert (in the review that Jen posted below), I think that Bound made the mafioso violence (more…)

did he know? April 4, 2007

Posted by jenniferlewk in bound.
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I didn’t like Bound. I read up the reviews about it, and Ebert loved the “skillfill filmaking,” saying that, “Bound” is one of those movies that works you up, wrings you out and leaves you gasping. It’s pure cinema, spread over several genres.” Tod McCarthy for Variety.com coversly writes, “Novelty of having two sultry babes hook up with each other while pulling a fast one on some mobsters wears thin before becoming ludicrously contrived.” How can two such esteemed critics have such diverse opinions? One thinks the film is profound (more…)