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Gender Equality in Israel May 1, 2007

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I found this article earlier today about the status of gender equality in Israel. I don’t find the statistics surprising, women have been paid (more…)

“Hollywood’s Shortage of Female Power” April 26, 2007

Posted by lindamc in female executives, Female Power, marketing gender, new york times, Power.

In the Arts section of today’s NY Times, there was an article about the lack of female execs and even stars in pictures. We talked explicitly about this before in class, but the article literally says that there are often “women movies” or movies made explicitly for women. “They are nervous about the disappearance of many of the movie world’s most visible female power brokers and concerned that a box office dominated by seemingly male-oriented action films like “300” means less attention for movies that have obvious appeal to female audiences, 51 percent of moviegoers.” The article goes on to mention how we are in a “boys era” and how many female execs are losing out to male counterparts in vying for power roles in “a power play” or by not “meshing well” with athougher male execs. And, there has been a decline in  the chick flick money market (or in my opinion the quality of writing in the films…but that isn’t said by the article). The end talks about how it is a lot less about character writing  more about opening weekend and so special effects and action movies are what sells in the US and overseas. Anyway, this article is pretty much our class, and so a really interesting read.