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Hilary Duff: An Unlikely Source for a Multicultural Video May 7, 2007

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While this song isn’t particularly profound, it is refreshing to see a whole range of races and ethnicities in this pop-star’s video. Although the video does speak about London, Paris, and Tokyo, race and ethnicity are not necessarily highlighted in response to the words in her song. Rather, her extras, the friends in her car, those on the dance floor, etc are of all different races, ethnicities, and “types.” After speaking in class yesterday about the Spice Girls’ multicultural phenomenon and what a huge deal it was, I thought it was exciting that Duff, blond pop-star extraordinaire, shows her young fans in a very casual manner that the world is in fact composed of people that do not necessarily look like her.

Speaking of Multiculturalism… May 6, 2007

Posted by kelly in Gwen Stefani, Multiculturalism, Orientalism.
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The video I mentioned in class: