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more on Malli/Dhanu and nationalism April 30, 2007

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Hm, this is something I didn’t find out about until now somehow: the woman who the character of Malli from The Terrorist is based on was raped by an Indian ‘peacekeeping force’ previous to joining the rebel movement.  Apparently the Tamil Tigers used this for political gain; according to Wikipedia, “Her alleged rape is seen to be an offense to the Tamil people as a whole and a source of passion for the Tamil Tiger Organisation.”  I just thought this was an interesting factoid in light of our discussion about nationalism and women.  It’s another example of how women are seen as the ‘property’ of whatever group they can be identified with, and how that can be used for political gains under the auspice of nationalism.

Dakota Fanning’s Controversial Scene April 24, 2007

Posted by rachaelg in child abuse, Dakota Fanning, rape.
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At 12 years old, Dakota Fanning is already a seasoned actress.  Recently, she has generated a lot of talk concerning her rape scene in the film Hounddog (The Smoking Gun has posted the written scene).  Director/screenwriter Deborah Kampmeier is quick to point out that “there is no nudity or explicit violence in this scene. All nudity and violence is implied.”  Do not continue reading if this subject matter makes you uncomfortable. (more…)

Pussycatdoll feminists (?) and rape April 4, 2007

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This is a post about a personal experience that a (regular?) feminist has with a pussycatdoll feminist. I tried looking up what that term means, but I couldn’t find anything (maybe the author coined it?). It seems to mean young woman who self-labels as a feminist, attacks older feminists for being hated, and wears lascivious outfits. The author takes a really aggressive stance towards them, and most of the comments take a paternalistic (ironically enough) attitude towards them. Or at least that’s my characterization of the article (which is similar to a rant). Are pussycatdoll feminists an actual cultural phenomena? If so, are (more…)

Why is it called Bad Girls Go To Hell? February 19, 2007

Posted by rachaelg in bad girls go..., rape.

I was stumped by the title.  The main character, Meg, is dependent and child-like; she whines for her husband to stay home, needs to be carried back to bed, and he has to coax her into smiling.  She is naturally seductive, but I never saw her being “bad.”  I kept expecting her to become a prostitute or something (more…)