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Is Michelle Obama a Feminist? May 13, 2007

Posted by Liz in feminism, Michelle Obama.

Interestingly, right after our conversation about how most women/ women at [AC] would never define themselves as feminists, I found Michelle Obama’s answer to the same question.

“You know, I’m not that into labels,” Obama said. “So probably, if you laid out a feminist agenda, I would probably agree with a large portion of it,” she said. “I wouldn’t identify as a feminist just like I probably wouldn’t identify as a liberal or a progressive.”

Clearly Obama, too, feels the pressure of the current taboo against identifying oneself as a feminist.

In other news, Hilary Clinton does in fact call herself a feminist.



1. lindamc - May 14, 2007

I found the most interesting part of that interview when Michelle Obama was asked about her support of Hilary, mainly because of my own response and not because her answer was particularly shocking; of course she will support her husband and not his opposing candidate, and of course she will sound scripted when doing so because I’m sure this question was prepared for. But, what was interesting is that I found myself slightly annoyed that Ms. Obama didn’t sound like she would support her, because I was thinking: come on, with a women trying to run for office, we (women) all must stick together! To be honest, I support Obama more than Clinton, but I found my response interesting. I think that it hints at the idea of female and underdog bonding. The article writer even hinted at it when they made comments about the racial issue of Obama running. It seems like it is in at least my second nature and I would argue others, to expect minorities (or underdogs if you will) to be supported by their minority group. Hilary must get all the female vote, because if her “group” doesn’t support her than who will? Obama must get all the African American group, because if his “group” doesn’t support him, who will? Obviously this shouldn’t be the case: women can support a male candidate and do (like myself with Obama) and people of all races can support people of differing races, etc: of course! I wonder though why I felt that reaction, and if others feel it too?

2. mparham - May 18, 2007

That’s really interesting. I’ll go to the heart of your point: whom should black women vote for?

3. » Michelle, my belle - May 31, 2007

[…] oh, by the way, Michelle Obama would likely never call herself a feminist. See, now I’m feeling all feministy again… My challenge to lady Obama? You can leave […]

4. $3.60 · Michelle, my belle. - January 22, 2009

[…] oh, by the way, Michelle Obama would likely never call herself a feminist. See, now I’m feeling all feministy again… My challenge to lady Obama? You can leave […]

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